Batch of Paintings into Pendants – So Exciting

I’m still working on this set of 20 or so miniature watercolor paintings.  Now I’ve coated them in gesso, to make them durable and waterproof.  Then, I sized each on based on the glass that will cover them.  I used an exacto to cut out the rough size and shape.  Then, I marked and cut sterling silver sheet into backing for each one.  Then, I cut sterling silver bezel wire (a thin, flat wire used to frame the back) that I will now solder to make the frames.

I took photos of each of these steps.

If I decide to stamp a phrase on some, I will do that before soldering the bezel to the backing… once they become frames, they can no longer be stamped.

When complete, I will file, sand, and finish each solid sterling silver pendant frames.  Then, I will solder on a ring, rings, or punch a hole so they can be used as pendants or bracelet centerpieces.

When complete, I will have spent the equivalent of 10-12 hours on EACH piece.  These are truly one of a kind.

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