StampsHere are the fonts that are available for Birth Designs and Bonnie Jean HardWear pieces. Remember, not all fonts will work on all pieces. Check the descriptions and/or options for the items you are interested in for the fonts traditionally available on that piece. Each one is a steel stamp, a single letter, that is pounded manually into what will be a finished item.

Always ask if you have a question =) Each font is named after a city, neighborhood, or landmark in Washington state. My comments below each photo tell a bit about that particular font.


IMG_20180805_125721.jpg  Arlington

IMG_20180805_125017.jpg   Bellevue

img_20180813_2128328770668781824172879.jpg  Bellingham

img_20180806_2005034708365822821134282.jpg  Black Diamond

IMG_20180805_125333.jpg  Buckley

IMG_20180805_125801.jpg  Cascade

IMG_20180805_124741.jpg  Centralia

IMG_20180805_125858.jpg  Columbia

IMG_20180805_124557.jpg  Everett

IMG_20180805_125052.jpg  Fremont

IMG_20180805_124321.jpg  Kennewick

Lacey  Lacey

IMG_20180805_130151.jpg  Leavenworth

img_20180813_2114137754789844169146588.jpg  Lynden

IMG_20180805_125455.jpg  Marysville

Newcastle  Newcastle

IMG_20180805_125410.jpg  Olympic

Pacific  Pacific

IMG_20180805_124415.jpg  Pike Place

IMG_20180805_124846.jpg  Rainier

IMG_20180805_130222.jpg  Redmond

IMG_20180805_125615.jpg IMG_20180805_125934.jpg IMG_20180805_125543.jpg  Redondo

img_20180813_214734345512090249004296.jpg   Roosevelt

IMG_20180805_130011.jpg  Seattle

IMG_20180805_125648.jpg  Spokane

img_20180806_2007445077329844468576416.jpg  Sumner

img_20180806_2005488834033101867698531.jpg  Tacoma

IMG_20180805_130041  Twisp

img_20180806_2006298943985348570890259.jpg  Vashon

img_20180813_2006148553044776251294831.jpg  Winlock

IMG_20180805_124635.jpg  Winthrop




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