StampsREMEMBER – not all symbols fit on all pieces.  They range in size from 2mm to 50mm.  They are designs machined into tool steel, which I then position and hammer into your custom piece.  On each page, I’ve also posted some photos of symbols in action.

Open each category below to see choices.

HeartsIconHearts & Love

PregnantIcon Pregnancy, Family & Babies

OutdoorsIcon  Transport, Outdoors & Weather

FoodIcon  Food and Kitchen

AnimalIcon Animals, Insects and Sea Life

OccasionsIcon  Holidays, Occasions, Luck and Fairy Tales

SportsIcon  Sports, Professions and Hobbies

HouseholdIcon  House and Household Items

ReligiousIcon  Religious Symbols

BotanyIcon  Botany

ShapesIcon   Basic Shapes and Symbols

MiscIcon  Miscellaneous / Everything Else

 AdultIcon Adult Objects and Symbols (Click at your own discretion)


To let me know which you’d like, please use this as a guide –

  1. Let me know the category sheet (e.g., Hearts & Love)
  2. Let me know the ROW (A-E) and then the number, left to right.

See below:


Choose from the following categories!  I am adding more symbols all the time.  I can also have CUSTOM symbols made (there is a fee and a waiting period while the tool is made). Almost every symbol is going to look better on your piece than they do in these sample stampings, but it give an idea of the basic size and look.  Questions?  Just ask!

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